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Skagway News

Slogan: Serving the gateway to the Klondike since 1897
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El Skagway News fue fundado en 1897. La primera etapa llegó hasta 1904 y en 1978 fue recuperado.

"Skagway’s First Newspaper & Publishing Company. Christened in 1897, buried alive in 1904, resurrected in 1978, and currently celebrating more than 35 years of reporting on Skagway and Dyea, Alaska, recording our Centennial Years and beyond".

En 2010 el Skagway News recibió el premio Alaska Press Club.

The Skagway News is a bimonthly paper serving the community and surrounding areas. Located in the heart of the downtown historic district, the newsroom looks onto Broadway Street from the second story of a beautifully restored Klondike Gold Rush building dating back to 1898. The downstairs serves as the newsstand and book store, a staple for locals and visitors alike.

The Skagway News has a winter circulation of 900 and a summer circulation of 1,200. The population dwindles to 850 in the winter months and surges to 2,000 in the summer. Seasonal residents’ primary livelihood is catering to more than 800,000 visitors in the five-month tourist season.

Located at the northern end of the Southeast Alaska panhandle, Skagway is 103 miles north of Juneau, the state capital. It can be reached by Alaska Marine Highway from Bellingham, Wash., the Klondike Highway from Alaska and the Lower 48, or air from Juneau (via Seattle) or Whitehorse, Yukon (via Vancouver, B.C.).

Despite being one of the smallest papers in the state, The Skagway News has been judged one of the best non-daily newspapers in Alaska, and routinely wins Alaska Press Club awards. Skagway is one of Alaska’s busiest cruise ports and in the top 25 worldwide, keeping reporters busy all year long. Duties include covering various port and tourism-related issues, local government meetings, following summertime adventure races and events, and previewing municipal and state elections. Features are always welcome and appreciated.

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