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The Connexion

Slogan: France´s English Language Newspaper
Ranking Alexa General: 155834
Ranking Alexa Local: 7306

The Connexion is the best-selling newspaper for English-speakers in France.

We provide essential news and practical information to help our readers understand and integrate into the French community.

Buying a home, setting up a business, learning the language, educating your children and understanding healthcare and politics are challenges we tackle head on.

Our reporters follow up major national news stories often not covered by the international media, both in print and online.

We also run features on important cultural events, interviews with politicians, economists, artists, writers and others who contribute to the country's political, economic and cultural life.

If you live - or plan to live - in France, The Connexion provides you with all the information you need to make a smooth and happy transition.

The Connexion is published monthly and costs €3.80. It is available at selected newsagents and by annual subscription at discounted rates.

País: Francia FR
Provincia: Provence Alpes Cote DAzur PRO
Ciudad: s
Última Visita: 21/07/2018

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The Connexion

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