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Al Quds

Ranking Alexa General: 142589
Ranking Alexa Local: 69

AL Quds (est 1951), and founded in Jerusalem, is the largest circulating Palestinian newspaper and is available daily throughout the Middle East.

Based in Jerusalem and distributes throughout the Palestinian territories & the Middle East.

Al Quds, the oldest and most widely circulated daily newspaper in Palestine, was founded in 1951. More than 80% of Palestinian readers prefer Al Quds over any other Palestinian newspaper. Its website is ranked number 41 worldwide.

To provide Palestinians, whether in the occupied territories or worldwide, with first hand news coverage on the hour, 24/7. AL Quds is reputed for its in-depth investigative reporting, expert analysis and informed commentary.

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País: Palestina PS
Provincia: West Banks PS-WES
Ciudad: s
Última Visita: 25/02/2020

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Al Quds

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